500,00 / year



€500 (and up) per year
All the standard benefits, plus:

  • An invitation to join us for one after opening dinner per year, with curators and artists
  • Interesting tax breaks: Since January 1, 2012, the Dutch government offers an extra incentive for the deduction of income tax with regard to donations to Cultural ANBIs. Kunstverein enjoys this ANBI STATUS . If you commit to a periodic donation for 5 years, a tax-efficient multiplier of 1.25 is applied. This means that your donation is 125% deductible. Below you will find some calculation examples of how the multiplier works.

Net contribution per tax scale

Gross contribution                    40.8%                     52%

5 X €500,- per year                   €245,-/year           €175,-/year
5 X €800,- per year                   €392,-/year           €280,-/year
5 X €1000,- per year                 €490,-/year           €350,-/year

If you want to take advantage of the multiplier, we request that you first complete and sign → this periodic gift agreement ← and send it to the email address below, before making the first payment. We will return a signed copy to you.