Kunstverein’s continued existence depends on the generous support of an international group of individuals – our members!

Our investigative program and publications are not the things you find under the couch – they take research, hard work and money to produce. Your contribution forms a crucial factor in making that happen, and in keeping Kunstverein independent and freely accessible for all. You financially empower us to contribute to the multifaceted cultural fabric of Amsterdam and beyond, and actively back us in upholding our aims and values as described in our Code of Conduct. In doing so, our members help make the cultural scene a far more fair and far more inclusive environment.

Anyone can become a member, and you can do so at any moment throughout the year. Without you, we are, simply, not as good.


  • Membership

    €75 per year

    • Invitations to members-only Hush Hush activities, such as the biennial Salon Hang
    • 50% discount on all publications by Kunstverein Publishing
    • 20% discount (and first dibs) on Kunstverein Editions & Merch
    • Invitations to all exhibition previews and walk-throughs
    • Access to Backing Vocals: exclusive talks with people from our network
    • Priority access to all events, concerts and performances
    • Reduced entry fees to ticketed events
    • A beautiful RSPB bird pin, through proxy of which you also support the bird wildlife in Europe
    • A complimentary copy of Kv 10 yrs, our anthology on the first ten years of Kunstverein
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  • Bronze Membership

    €250 per year
    All the standard benefits, plus:

    • An invitation to join us on an annual cultural trip with limited capacity! In four days you will get to know the best art places in the home turf of one of our sister kunstverein (New York, Toronto, Milaan, Aughrim).
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  • Orange Membership

    €50 per year
    (for students and low-income earners, to be determined at your own discretion)

    • Access to members only events such as walk-throughs and previews before openings
    • 50% discount on all publications by Kunstverein Publishing
    • A complimentary copy of Kv 10 yrs, our anthology on the first ten years of Kunstverein
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  • Gold Membership

    €500 (and up) per year
    All the standard benefits, plus:

    • An invitation to join us for one after opening dinner per year, with curators and artists
    • Interesting tax breaks: Since January 1, 2012, the Dutch government offers an extra incentive for the deduction of income tax with regard to donations to Cultural ANBIs. Kunstverein enjoys this ANBI STATUS . If you commit to a periodic donation for 5 years, a tax-efficient multiplier of 1.25 is applied. This means that your donation is 125% deductible. Below you will find some calculation examples of how the multiplier works.

    Net contribution per tax scale

    Gross contribution                    40.8%                     52%

    5 X €500,- per year                   €245,-/year           €175,-/year
    5 X €800,- per year                   €392,-/year           €280,-/year
    5 X €1000,- per year                 €490,-/year           €350,-/year

    If you want to take advantage of the multiplier, we request that you first complete and sign → this periodic gift agreement ← and send it to the email address below, before making the first payment. We will return a signed copy to you.

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Platinum Members
All artists that have contributed to our collection are Platinum Members.

Barbara Visser
Benjamin Seror
Christoph Oeschger
Falke Pisano
Jennifer Tee
Jeremiah Day
Kara Hamilton
Mierle Laderman Ukeles
Will Holder
Gediminas G. Akstinas
Nathan Azhderian
Alexandru Balgiu
Anna Banana
David Bernstein
Tim Braden
Denise Scott Brown
Leone Contini
Sarah Crowner
Valentina Desideri
Gintaras Didžiapetris
Stefano Faoro
Hreinn Friðfinnsson
Laurent-David Garnier
John Giorno
Ray Johnson
Angie Keefer
Ben Kinmont 
Mathew Kneebone
Richard Kostelanetz
Lieven Lahaye
Norman Laich 
Olivier Lebrun
Jungmyung Lee
Marcos Lutyens
Matthew Robert Lutz-Kinoy
Zapp Magazine
Simon Martin
hansjörg mayer
Robertas Narkus
Willem Oorebeek
Lisa Oppenheim
Laura Pappa
Mr. Peanut/ Vincent Trasov
Adam Pendleton
Michael Portnoy
David Reinfurt
Nerijus Rimkus
Paul Ryan
Lotte Lara Schröder
Johannes Schwartz
Seth Siegelaub
Alexandre Singh 
Dexter Sinister
Dean Spunt
Ian Svenonius
Jay Tan
Anne Turyn
Jessica Warboys
Alex Waterman
Robert Wilhite
Charlotte Wolff
Geo Wyeth