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Salon Hang
December 13, 2023–February 2, 2024
Opening: December 9, 3–5pm

Two years have passed and it’s time, once more, for the Salon Hang: the group exhibition open to all and only our esteemed members. This time, we’ll see our space transformed into a sake bar, equipped with the perfect fully-functioning mise-en-scène for work to hang in and for you to hang out.

We warmly welcome you to join us for the opening on Saturday December 9 between 3-5pm for a matinée toast and invite you to come check out the great diversity of works from the artists, designers, writers and curators we are proud to call our members. Nearly 100 artworks will fill our space to the brim – and – they’re for sale!

When sold, 50% of the proceeds will return directly to the artists, while the other 50% will support our future programming, and you have something beautiful to take home. Double -triple- banger reward!

The show will remain up until February 2, 2024, and can be visited during regular opening hours, by appointment and during additional opening hours on Wednesdays to Fridays between 7 and 11pm—when the bar will be open (last walk in at 10pm). An opportunity for you to see the works sparkle in place, in different light, again and again.

Sake Bar

Open weekly as long as the Salon Hang lasts
wednesday to friday 7-11pm


Dec 9 — special Shōchū highball
Dec 13-15 — Kidoizumi, Ōta Shuzō, Miyoshino Jōzō
Dec 20-22 — Terada Honke, Akishika Shuzō, Chikumanishiki Shuzō
Dec 27-29 — Mukai Shuzō, Wakabayashi Shuzō, Uehara Shuzō
Jan 3-5 — Niida Honke, Mori no Kura, Kidozumi
Jan 10-12 — Kinoshita Shuzō, Akishika Shuzō, Mukai Shuzō
Jan 17-19 — Kidozumi, Terada Honke, Fukuchiyo Shuzō
Jan 24-26 — Umetsu Shuzō, Mukai Shuzō, Heiwa Shuzō
Jan 31-Feb 2 — Kinoshita Shuzō, Shinkame Shuzō, Sudō Honke

Please note that the bar is of limited capacity – 8 seats only. The last walk in is at 10pm.
Every week will highlight three changing sakes with an extended bottle list available on request. Occasionally an event will take place. If you are not a member you are encouraged to become one. We don’t take reservations, but call us during the bar opening hours, if you want to check availability (+31 616 448 998)