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Special Event
with Deirdre O’Mahony, Kate Strain, Honey Jones-Hughes & Antonio de la Hera
Friday, May 31 (7pm)

Following the last screening of the day of The Quickening, a conversation between the artist Deirdre O’Mahony and curator Kate Strain, of Kunstverein Aughrim will be held.

Serving: kombucha and potato-tulip ice cream

Both the tulip and the potato have evolved to satisfy humankind’s most basic yearnings. Some provide sustenance for the body, some for the soul. Moreover, what binds them together is the role each played in the shaping of the countries and the cultures our Kunstverein franchise holds a foot in. Respectively, The Netherlands and Ireland. Amidst the ongoing ‘boerenprotesten’—a series of demonstrations by Dutch farmers triggered by a 2019 parliament proposal to halve the country's livestock in an attempt to limit agricultural pollution in the Netherlands—and a growing divide between the people providing our food and those consuming it, we look at how the food we share shapes our thoughts. By bringing together different voices in the field, this event aims to offer a Dutch version of O’Mahony Sustainment Experiments - which lay at the foundation of her film now shown at Kunstverein - in an attempt (however small) to bridge the gap.

This moment will be celebrated with a special serving of a potato-tulip ice cream by Honey Jones-Hughes & Antonio de la Hera (aka buurtijs) and a potato kombucha in special ceramics (for sale at the event for just €150 each) made by O’Mahony.

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