G.B. Jones Online Film Program
10–12 March, 24 hours a day
(Viewable here at kunstverein.nl)


March 10: The Lollipop Generation (2008), 75min
Made over a period of fifteen years, ‘one Super-8 reel at a time’, The Lollipop Generation follows a gaggle of lollipop-licking queer kids and the fun (trouble?) they encounter in the streets of Toronto.

March 11: The Yo-Yo Gang (1992), 30min
The Yo-Yo Gang revolves around two girl gangs, their girl-on-girl intimacy, girl-on-girl violence and, occasionally, the BDSM that straddles both.

March 12: The Troublemakers (1990), 20min
The Troublemakers harks to the performativity of sex and marginality. Shot in the condemned home of G.B. Jones and her lead actors, Caroline Azar and Bruce LaBruce, the film doesn’t care to distinguish between fact and fiction—in the end, isn’t the story what matters?