After fourteen years of running around all over town, Kunstverein is moving to a bigger and brighter place! ⁠But first, we need your help to raise (at least) €20,000 to cover some of the costs that are required to renovate it. And, we’ve come up with a fun, mutually beneficial way in which you could help us sholder these costs. Here’s what we had in mind: from today onwards you can adopt 1m2 (or more) of Kunstverein’s floor for just €175 per m2.

Go here to pick your spot!

In return for your contribution, you will receive a unique edition (featured above) by Mierle Laderman Ukeles, author of the groundbreaking ‘Manifesto For Maintenance Art’. To us, it feels extra befitting that an artist who—since the 1960s—has been committed to rethinking how institutions are organised and maintained, and who has contributed to our programming in the past is helping us lay (quite literally) the groundwork for our programming in the future.

But, even the smallest donation can make a difference! That’s why you can also donate any amount by pressing the button above. A donation of any scale will be honored with a limited edition button badge designed by the wonderful Experimental Jetset, allowing you to wear your support on your sleeve.

It’s extremely rare for us to make this kind of direct crowdfunding appeal, but if you have appreciated our work and if you have the means, we kindly as you to consider contributing in any way you can. If it wasn’t crucial, we wouldn’t ask.