Backing Vocals: Anna Daučíková
6, 7 June, 2022
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In June, for Backing Vocals, we have the unspeakable pleasure to welcome Anna Daučíková as a conversation partner.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava in 1978, artist Anna Daučíková immigrated to Moscow (then USSR) where she lived and worked until 1991. Her extensive painting practice and interest in photography triggered by her encounter with feminist thought is related to this period. Returning to Bratislava in the 1990s, her artistic practice went towards video art and performance events, then widely organised in the Slovak art scene. In her video art the engagement of artist’s body and bodily action became her main concern in presenting her queer statements. Despite working consistently for decades and at the forefront of deeply relevant conversations—as Paul B. Preciado notes, ‘One could say that Anna/Anča Daučíková is the first Czech/Slovak feminist female artist—except that Daučíková’s work problematizes the terms of this seemingly simple enunciation’—Daučíková’s work has only recently begun to receive the recognition it deserves. Therefore, she’s perfectly poised to answer any questions around sustaining a career and going up against the dominant narratives that determine who gets space and when, while her years of teaching experience and dexterity across mediums can also shed light on the more material aspects of working as an artist.

Anna will be taking your calls June 6 and 7.

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