Lucy Lippard & Jerry Kearns
Tense (again)
April 28,  5–7pm
On Location: Printed Matter, New York


Tense, the never-released publication by Lucy Lippard and Jerry Kearns that was sent to print for the first time as part of the exhibition Top Stories by Anne Turyn. On April 28, 2022—at long last—it is being launched in New York, the cradle of its inception. 

Together with New Documents we are pleased to announce a special event with the writers and their original commissioner, Anne Turyn, at Printed Matter. The launch will take the shape of a conversation, centered around the release of Tense (2021) and the re-release of I See / You Mean (1979 / 2021). The guests are joined by our director Yana Foqué and New Document’s founder Jeff Khonsary. 

Together we will focus on introducing the publication’s content and context, and touch on the reasons why the project did not materialise back in the 1980s, the problems they faced and legal concerns they had as authors. The conversation also focuses on which value is created when producing a project that was forgotten in the now.

As we’ve nearly run out of copies from the first run, by popular demand, the chapbook has been reprinted as a second silver edition. Both versions will be available at the event.