Saturday, September 19, 7pm
Closing Event Summer Res(t)idency: Making Bread into Dough

As we are nearing the end of summer and slipping into fall, please join us on Saturday September 19 at 7pm at Hazenstraat 28 for the final event of this year’s Summer Res(t)idency, for which we have hosted the Swedish, Amsterdam-based textile artist Matilda Kenttä.

Since the start of summer, under the title Making Bread into Dough, Kenttä has explored the importance of valuing laziness over constant productivity during the time when most of us were enjoying ‘time off’. Kenttä has been toiling away at odd hours of the day on a vertical loom she installed in Kunstverein’s front space, weaving thoughts and conversations on gossip, the gendered history of labour and the development of the loom itself into the fabric of the very works she was making. With the space being open to visitors while Kenttä worked, the social and performative element of weaving also became central to her process. This aspect has been literally logged in the four works that were produced, as Kenttä noted the visitors she received alongside a list of recycled items she used (as well as their previous owners) to make the new pieces. To celebrate the four site-specific textile works that resulted from Kenttä’s res(t)idency—such as a towel for Kunstverein’s soon-to-be-renovated kitchen—we have invited Elina Birkehag, Amelia Groom, Adelheid Smit and Elaine Wing-Ah Ho to each write a short reflection on one of the four works. These texts will be made available as a collection on the 19th. We invite you to come and read them up close, right at home in their intended setting.

See you then!