Who’s Werner?
23 November – 21 December 2019

Opening: 22 November, 5–9pm

Who’s Werner? is a spacial conversation that explores artistic practices that have become intertwined and focuses on the role of a figure whose work is commonly kept a public secret. It looks into some mutualistic relationships between artists in various disciplines and their assistants; producers; sometimes lovers. The exhibition reveals some of the misconceptions that exist around how a piece of art is made and the structures that keep those misconceptions intact, offering a telescopic view onto larger issues of ‘place’, equality of partnerships, sex and race.

The show includes works where it is difficult to tear apart who brought in what piece of the puzzle… by and for; Céline Condorelli, Denise Scott Brown, Elle Burchill, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Raoul De Keyser, James Langdon, John Baldessari, Jonas Mekas, Lucy Skaer, Margot Sandeman, Norman Laich, Paul Robbrecht, Robert Venturi, Simon Harlow, Jan-Philipp Hopf, Laura Kaminskaitė, and serves as a prefix of the methodologies and interests of Kunstverein’s new director Yana Foqué, who has followed up Maxine Kopsa since September of this year. The topic explored within this exhibition will extend into Kunstverein’s program of the following years.

Kunstverein wishes to thank its (Gold) members, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, the Jonas Mekas Estate (Sebastian Mekas), Margot Sandeman Estate (Peter & David Robson), Ian Hamilton Finlay Estate (Pia Simig), Grimm Gallery (Sebastiaan Brandsen), Joan Hughson Gallery, Marian Goodman (Kristina Pallova, Lauren Sher), the Lithuanian Cultural Council and CAC Vilnius for their support.