Dear reader,

A little update concerning my KV residency:

I have initiated two little collaborations: with Maria Barnas and Joke Robaard. Me and Maria will work on two different strands of ekphrastic texts… One outlining potential “objects”, other one potential “plots”. I hope these texts propel me (or maybe us) into making sculptures based on them. Joke will come and take photographs after the 23rd of August (my mother’s birthday). As it stands now, Joke is free to do whatever she wants (and I’ll be supplying her with whatever she might need: models, props, equipment as long as there is a work of mine in the photograph… I’m feeding her bits of our text for ideas.

I also would like to do something with Femke de Vries, Toon Verhoef, Huib Haye van der Werf, Christopher Mahon and Joachim Robbrecht. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the notion of rehearsal and what this means for the project, to not much avail. Yet, as it stands now there is a bunch of us, an ensemble, gearing towards…what exactly?

I just want you to know that for the following 2 weeks until the end of the month I will be pulling all the strands together to see where I can knot them. I feel like I’ve been agitating something that will burst once I can align all the stars and the people involved. The exact dates will be more clear in the coming time. I will keep updating them on the Google Calendar, you can subscribe to it and follow along.

Take care for now,