I listen, listen, listen, I listen and remember, that
everything I have to say, transforms

her* rhythm into
my speech.


All the time,
my story is evolving, interdependent and always alive**.

Kunstverein is happy to once more host Sandberg’s Fine Art Department’s annual Festival of Choices presenting ‘Collective Recollections’ by Tina Reden.

With ‘Collective Recollections’ Tina Reden zooms in on the task of listening and remembering as a strategy to break open the modern notion of a singular narrative and chronology. She explores the political possibility of polyphonic sound and imagines a collaborative world that connects voices through time and space. The exhibition will be open to the public daily from June 13 until June 16, between 12 and 6pm,

Additionally, on Saturday June 15, 1–4pm Reden, Francisca Khamis and Davide Sanvee invite you to take part in a workshop further exploring our collective memory based upon the sharing and mixing of stories by participants. The workshop offers an alternative experience of knowledge – not neutral, but plural – and in an interdependent relationship to others, allowing a passage, a crossing and intermingling between and across differences. To attend this workshop please announce your attendance to (rsvp – max. 20 people)

Between 4–6pm following the workshop taking place on June 15, there will be a Public Moment with a chance to visit the exhibition in presence of the artist. Drinks will be served.

*‘Her’ as in the manifold, infinite other, in the middle of either or, ambiguous, threatening by the very ambiguity the orderliness of the system of schematized reality.
**This tekst was written by reverberating quotes by; Pauline Oliveros, Zora Neale Hurston, Fred Moten, Luisah Teish, Sun Ra, Maria Lugones,