Announcing……the winner of our first yearly Summer Residency: Dean Allen Spunt (No Age).

For three nights in August, Spunt will bring Succession Sounds, a program he has been organizing in a former drag club located in the San Fernando Valley (LA), to Amsterdam. On August 15, 22 and 29, from 8 until 11pm, the space will become the melting point for people who make music, who play music, who show films, make objects, who drink or don’t, who are curious experimenters and flaneurs, to come together for maximum enjoyment and confusion. With performances and work by:

Nicole Antonia-Spangola
Negashi Armada
Sam Gordon
Matthew Clifford Green
Kate Hall
Bert Huygue
Dirar Kalash
NM Studio
Oomboi Lauw
Zane Reynolds
Jacob Robichaux
Jess Scott
Suzanne Kraft
Martine Syms

The show can be visited on performance nights or by appointment only. The entrance fee for each performance night will be €5, to be paid at the door. Space is limited so we advise you to join us right from the start.

Kunstverein wishes it’s (gold)members, AFK and Ammodo for their ongoing support. Additionally we would also like give special thanks to Oedipus Brewing for their aid to this project.