As part of the DIAL +31 203 313 203 show, featuring the Dial-A-Poem project by the visionary poet and activist John Giorno, Kunstverein is hosting a series of open mic events dubbed 3 Evenings on a Revolving Stage. On May 24, June 7 and June 16 we invite everyone to join us and our special guests to read some poetry. This could be a horoscope, a message you received from a friend, the lyrics to a polular song,… in short, it can be whatever you consider poetry to be but, to level the ground, we ask you to only come to these events if you are willing to rise to the occasion.

Among the crowd at the first event on May 24, starting at 8pm, are Mia You (NL/US), Line-Gry Hørup (DK) and Andrea di Serego Alighieri (IT). You will present one of her newest poems to us, Hørup will introduce her publication on the controversial poet Rudolf Broby-Johansen and the never before translated work ‘Blod’, while di Serego Alighieri will lead us through the work of Charles Olson and the poetry of Denise Levertov, to a reading of an unpublished prose poem by Lyn Hejinian.

The evening will be intersected with tracks from the Dial-A-Poem Records and drinks to calm the nerves.