Presenting: Merchandise

#SlapIt #ProveIt #Swear #PutItOnSomething #ShowMe #kvmerch

A: Bean, I got the dankest shit on the planet it’s straight from colorado.
B: Shut the SHIBBY up bean!
A: Whoooooo!!! YEAAHHHHH! Whooooooo!
A: So I’ll meet you and then we’ll hit it.
B: Aight.
A: Yo, first lend me 20; you can hold this bike I just found.
A: Bet.
B: Merch. It’s all about the merch.
A: No bet.
B: Ye.
A: First clean the car.

During the Hazenstraat Biennale, on five very special occasions Kunstverein presents its new MERCH. Join us on every Thursday in March, between 17–19h, for the launch of new piece made by Carla and Karlis, Sabo Day, Rudy Guedj, Marc Hollenstein, and Nora Turato.

This Thursday, March 1, we present the first item, a customized tote bag made by Rudy Guedj. For the occasion we offer a 20% discount on all Kunstverein books when buying a bag… Don’t miss out!