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The Joke Book: Collected by Seth Sieglaub, p. 13


Come test your smiles and Ha-Has, and join us for holiday drinks and jokes on Friday 15 December between 5 and 7 pm, for the official launch of The Joke Book: collected by Seth Siegelaub. The amazing (and funny) Marja Bloem will give an introduction to the publication.

The Joke Book is the first printed edition of the complete jokes & messages file that was found on Seth Siegelaub’s computer by his partner Marja Bloem. It contains jokes, quotes and pieces of advice, that Seth Siegelaub collected since 1999 and regularly redistributed via email amongst his friends.

With contributions by: Alex Alberto, John Baldessari, Marja Bloem, Myrna Bloom, Martin Browne, Alan Kennedy, David Kunzle, Joel Miller, Loren Miller, Kay Robertson, Laurent Sauerwein, Seth Siegelaub, Joan Simon, Kira Simon-Kennedy, Peter Sinclair, Steven Wright; and an introduction by Huan Hsu (written after a long conversation with Marja Bloem).