After one and a half years of stimulating events at Ruyschstraat 4III, Kunstverein embarks on a new adventure: Kunstverein is moving to a ground floor shop location and opens its brand new doors at Gerard Doustraat 132 on March 11th.


The Ruyschstraat has afforded Kunstverein an exciting sequence of projects that reflect the intimacy of such a location. The new location, a shop front, dictates new parameters, in synch with the planned projects. The program includes an archival retrospective, a one-man bookshop and a speculative design store. While becoming more of a hangout (open now 4 days a week), Kunstverein morphs from archive to bookshop to design store in the span of one year.

In its new transformation, Kunstverein might shed some of its 3rd floor secrecy but will replace new visibility with several clandestine happenings. Along with a number of members only hush-hush, hit-and-run underground events, Kunstverein, together with Kunstverein Milan and NYC will be initiating a series of members only monthly shochu driven, skype lectures. More information on each members only event will be sent to you in due time.

So the intimacy of the space remains: Kunstverein will continue exploring the possibilities of presentation and how ‘sharing’ can exist on a personal level within the notion of public cultural exchange. Kunstverein is, after all, a place of meeting and discussion. And as the instigator of a new community, with its membership system now securely in place, Kunstverein is well aware of its unique ability to speak directly to its audience. Its contented responsibility towards its members thus continues to be a primary matter.