14 September 2014, 8pm


On September 14 at 8pm in Amsterdam and Milano and at 2pm New York and Toronto time, a simultaneous hypnosis performance will be held under the glow of giant billboard screens in NY, Toronto, Amsterdam and Milan. Following on from and inspired by “Color Therapy”, a project that brings abstract visuals and sounds that counterbalance weather and social traffic flows at these 4 locations, K-tanglement is a project that seeks to decolonize the mind from the sense of unitary location. Participants will be invited to listen to an audio that enables them to enter a trance state in which their unconscious minds will be invited to dematerialize, decontextualize themselves from the surrounding branding, dissolve into color-based emotions and finally develop a sense of simultaneous entanglement with participants in the other 3 cities.

If you would like to participate please register here.

K-tanglement : a project by Marcos Lutyens in collaboration with Kunstverein Toronto, Milan, New York and Amsterdam.

Kunstverein wishes to thank its (Gold) members and Stadsdeel Zuid.