Κι αν στο έλεγα στη γλώσσα μου
Θα έπρεπε να κινηθείς στους μύες μου
Θα καλούσες εκεί που οι μύες μου σε θυμούνται
Μα στην δικιά σου, καμιά μνήμη δεν μένει

I’m afraid I forgot how to write, I forgot the fluidity of the rhythms of language. I’m afraid I even forgot how to spell the words and how to make them sound as consistent beings. It takes me seven minutes and one cigarette to write down three sentences. It takes one full stop. It takes one pause, one back and one play to start writing again.

During the course of the DIAL +31 203 313 203 show, featuring one of the keystone works by the visionary poet, activist, and artist John Giorno, Kunstverein is hosting a series of special evenings dubbed 3 Evenings on a Revolving Stage. This title is borrowed from a series of performance nights by the same name, organised by Jean Depuy at the Judson Church in New York in 1976, and lifts up a corner of what will be going on behind the curtain of Kunstverein’s backspace.

On June 7 from 8pm we give the floor to Danae Io and Ioanna Gerakidi who will be performing In The Current Of The Situation, a composition of oral stories and eroto-historiographies tracing the mnemonic representations of unrequited sentiments of eros, love, lust and desire. This email correspondence project is fragile, vulnerable, proximate, and intimate.

Again, the evening will be intersected with tracks from the Dial-A-Poem Records that criss-cross with the performance.

Serving: Drinks from the Lost in the Thrill of it All Bar, stocked with the favourite drinks of Bukowski, Burroughs, and Sexton.