Eau de Cologne
27 September, from 5–10 pm

Hosted by Gallery Juliètte Jongma and Kunstverein.

With k.i. beyoncé, Bisou de Saddam, Michiel Ceulers and Anthony Salvador, Echo + Seashell, Laurent-David Garnier, Richard John Jones, Nancy Acid, Ana Navas, and introducing I’m With Her Records. Hot dogs by Ron Blaauw.

Eau de Cologne is an anti-fashion show and a raw punk, fuzz-pop festival.
Eau de Cologne takes its name from Monika Sprüth’s radical female only in-house gallery magazine by the same title, published only three times between 1985–1993.


5 pm Ana Navas, around Gerard Douplein and at Kunstverein
———-Michiel Ceulers and Anthony Salvador, at Juliètte Jongma
———–Laurent-David Garnier, in Bob’s Your Uncle
———–k.i. beyoncé, on Gerard Douplein
———–I’m With Her Records, in I’m With Her Records
7 pm Richard John Jones, on Gerard Douplein
8 pm Echo + Seashell, on Gerard Douplein
9 pm Bisou de Saddam unplugged, in Bob’s Your Uncle

Thanks to Stadsdeel Zuid and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst as well as Kunstverein’s (Gold) members. Special thanks to Monika Sprüth.