with Lotte Lara Schröder

Hello Inertia,

you are here as your physical self.
Not as the representation or your proclaimed truth.
Thank you for coming.

What I would like to share is personal. It’s a random, yet controlled sequence of images, thoughts, sounds. A representation of experiences. Experiences derived from a childhood fascination for the volcano, its literal and metaphorical presence, its untouchable energy.

Let it be violent and beautiful, nestle inside your body, through its frequencies and alcoholic fluids, mold you into a flow of volcanic energy.

For this night at BOB’s YOUR UNCLE, Lotte Lara Schröder will present a series of interdisciplinary works set in motion by and expiring mental report. The works are a metaphor for the slow, energetic build-up – similar to both volcanic as well as personal outbursts. Join us for a hot, energetic and undoubtedly, eventful night.

Doors open at 7.30 p.m.
Serving: Volkan Beer, Black and Blond*


*Volkan beer brings together, Lava Rock filtered mineral water and the best of local ingredients from the volcanic island of Santorini. Since the Mediterranean Island receives little rainfall, what grows on it is intense in flavor and limited in quantity. Volkan beer is a Greek Debt Free™ product. With every 1 euro of profit, they help reduce the Greek National debt by 50 euro cents. Help Greece.

Kunstverein wishes to thank its (Gold) members and Stadsdeel Zuid.

BOB’s YOUR UNCLE is designed by Robert Wilhite, open every Thursday or Friday, and brings you a special host and special servings each week. Reservations: bobsyouruncle@kunstverein.nl