Join us this Thursday 18 February for the second adaptation of ‘Bibliomania: Haven O’More’ a play written and performed by Olivier Lebrun and Alex Balgiu.

“What can you do, when you are forty and – having avoided alarm systems, fooled the distracted librarian, squirmed through ventilation ducts, left the place with your precious catch and finally put it up on one of your extraordinary shelves – you are overcome, suddenly, by a feeling of bliss.”

Doors open at 7.30 p.m.
Serving To Have No More


Olivier Lebrun is a French graphic designer based in Paris. He is the author of “Stolen Works of Art” (self published, 2010) and “A Pocket Companion to Books from the Simpsons in Alphabetical Order” (Rollo Press, 2012, 2013). He is currently working with Urs Lehni and Camille Pageard on the forthcoming monography of Bernard Chadebec (Rollo Press, 2016).

Alex Balgiu is a Romanian French designer and theorist. He specialised in the phenomena of animality and kinship in social relationships through (American) Literature. Together with Thierry Chancogne he also runs the publishing house and research platform Tombolo Presses.

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