Please join us this Thursday at BOB’s YOUR UNCLE for
Date Night #0: GAME ♠ WAR ♥ LOVE hosted by The Dutch Oysters Club.*

Oysters and bubbles served from 19.30

“In pre-romantic, pre-modern time marriages or love connections were a matter of relatives, counselors, your uncle, your aunt, and so on … Today is similar, only instead of all those old wise uncles it’s dating agencies and marriage agencies. What they offer is precisely love without the fall, without falling in love, without this totally unpredictable traumatic encounter.” (Slavoj Žižek introducing Event: A Philosophical Journey Through A Concept, 2014)


*For the Date Night #0, the Dutch Oysters Club will be making their first public appearance. The founding members are Dina Danish, Bea McMahon and Emma Panza.