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Kunstverein Publishing:

stonesIvan Moudov, Stones

Published by Kunstverein (Milano) and Vulcano.

ISBN: 978-88-908681-2-2

andrew_james_pattersonAndrew James Paterson, Collection/Correction

Published by Kunstverein Toronto and Mousse Publishing.


nerijusNerijus Rimkus, Broccoli in bloom



MLUMierle Laderman Ukeles, Seven Work Ballets

Edited by Kari Conte

ISBN: 978-3-943365-93-1
€ 30

tee_meets_cobraTee Meets Cobra

Postcard. Mask by Eugène Brands, circa 1947

€ 1

paul_ryanPaul Ryan

Edited by Maxine Kopsa and Riet Wijnen

€ 25

hans_de_vriesHans de Vries

Edited Krist Gruijthuijsen

ISBN: 978-94-90629-14-4
€ 15

imagined_menuLeone Contini, Imagined Menu

Produced i.c.w. Kunstverein (Milano)

ISBN: 978-94-90629-09-0
€ 10

mime_radioBenjamin Seror, Mime Radio

Edited by <o> future <o>. Published by Bat, Adéra, CRAC Alsace, Sternberg Press and Kunstverein Publishing

ISBN: 978-3-95679-151-2
€ 20

correspondence_bookThe Correspondence Book

‘The Letters of Annemarie Schwarzenbach and Carson McCullers’

Co-editors: Susanne M. Winterling and Vivian Ziherl

ISBN: 978-94-90629-12
€ 15

Zuffi_coverItalo Zuffi,
Also a little Performative

Actions and performances
1996–2012. Produced by Kunstverein (Milano)

ISBN: 978-88-908681-1-5
€ 16

abstractionAbstraction Création: Art non-figuratif

A project by Riet Wijnen

ISBN: 978-94-90629-11-3
€ 30

caspian_depressionMichelangelo Consani,
The Caspian Depression

Produced by Kunstverein (Milano)

ISBN: 978-88-6297-118-8
€ 14

nervous_systemZbyněk Baladrán, Jiří Kovanda,
The Nervous System

Produced by Kunstverein (Milano)

ISBN: 978-88-908681-0-8
€ 25

k_LIP_AnthologyThe Lip Anthology:
An Australian Feminist Arts Journal 1976–1984

Edited by Vivian Ziherl. Published by Macmillan and Kunstverein Publishing.
In collaboration with Grazer Kunstverein.

ISBN: 978-1-921394-77-5
€ 20

k_marlowmossRiet Wijnen,
Marlow Moss

ISBN: 978-94-90629-10-6
15 €

k_PaperExRaimundas Malašauskas,
Paper Exhibition

Published by Sternberg Press, Sandberg Institute, Kunstverein Publishing and The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt

ISBN: 978-3-943365-00-9
Price €15

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k_GeometriesKrist Gruijthuijsen & Marvin Taylor, Geometries of Desire: An Interview with Dennis Cooper

ISBN: 978-94-90629-00-7
Price €5

k_us_monthOn View, Worldwide, for the Month Of

Calendar for 2011 produced by Kunstverein (NYC).

€ 20,00

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k-ChongHeman Chong,
I'm On Your Side

Produced by Kunstverein (Milano)

ISBN: 978-94-90629-08-3
€ 8,90

k_PromptsIan Monk (OULIPO),

Designed by PLaAD, produced by Kunstverein (NYC).


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k_gagGAAG, the Guerrilla Art Action Group, 1969–1976: A selection (reprint 2011)

Published by Printer Matter Inc. Kunstverein Publishing and the Research Centre for Artists' Publications at the Weserburg | Museum of Modern Art.

ISBN: 978-0-89439-059-3
€ 19

k-EncyclopediaThe Encyclopedia of Fictional Artists

Edited by Koen Brams & Krist Gruijthuijsen. Published by JRP Ringier and Kunstverein Publishing.

ISBN: 978-3-03764-123-1
€ 39

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k_gp2Ginger&Piss #2, Gay

ISBN: 978-94-90629-03-8
€ 15

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k_adamAdam Pendleton,
grey-blue grain

ISBN: 978-94-90629-06-9
€ 12,50

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k_NedkoNedko Solakov,
High Level Margins With
A Catalogue

ISBN: 978-94-90629-04-5
€ 10

k_PanhandlersOmar the Beggar,
The Panhandler's Handbook

ISBN: 978-94-90629-05-2
€ 10

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k_GingerandPissGinger&Piss #1, Loud

Elvira Belafonte, Hula Capellinni, Billy Male and G. Alonso Oeuf

ISBN: 978-94-90629-03-8
€ 15

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k_falsefriendsGaramond Press,
False Friends

ISBN: 978-94-90629-02-1
€ 10

k_ABookAboutDeathRay Johnson & Bill Wilson,
A Book About A Book About Death

ISBN: 978-94-90629-01-4

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DisciplineDiscipline 1, Winter 2011

Editors: Helen Hughes and Nicholas Croggon. Guest Editor: Vivian Ziherl. Design: Warren Taylor. Publisher: Helen Hughes. 112 pages. 30 x 21 cm. Colour. Perfect bound. 1000 copies.


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Ben Kinmont:

bk_prospectusBen Kinmont,
Prospectus 1988-2010

Produced by Kunstverein, Air de Paris, Kadist Art Foundation, Kunstverein NY and the Fales Library, New York University, NY. Published by JRP Ringier.

ISBN: 978-3037641699


Chris Evans:

chris_evansChris Evans, Goofy Audit

Published by Sternberg Press and Thea Westreich/Ethan Wagner Publications.

ISBN: 978-1-934105-74-0

Matthew Lutz-Kinoy:

lutz-kinoyMatthew Lutz-Kinoy,
House of Baals: cocktail and genever experience
matthew lutz-kinoy, screenprint with pasta, nori and pizza crust.


Jennifer Tee:

localmythsLocal Myths / Love Spells, 2010

Author(s): prologue by Gavin Wade, essay by Monika Szewczyk. Designed by: Niessen en de Vries & James Langdon.
Published by: Eastside Projects, UK

Edition: 750, 21 x 28 cm, 24 pp, with 22 inserts

ISBN 978-1-906753-23-8
€ 25

soulinthelimboThe Soul In Limbo, 2015

Author(s): introduction by Domeniek Ruyters, essays by Zöe Gray, Maxine Kopsa, Monika Szewczyk. Editors: Jennifer Tee and Hilde de Bruijn. Designed by: Niessen en de Vries. Published by: Roma Publications

ISBN 978-94-91843518
€ 35

Grazer Kunstverein:


Published by Grazer Kunstverein and SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR.

ISBN: 978-3-902833-62-4

Primary Information:

pi_avalancheWilloughby Sharp and Liza Bear, Avalanche

ISBN: 978-0978869748

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Paraguay Press:

th_parrotKarl Larsson,

ISBN: 978-2-918252-06-1

th_stealDora García,
Steal this Book

ISBN: 978-2-918252-04-7

th_oscarOscar Tuazon,
I Can't Seee

ISBN: 978-2-918252-05-4

th_scanlanJoe Scanlan,
Red Flags

ISBN: 978-2-918252-01-6

th_bockSabeth Buchmann, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Kim West,
Katinka Bock

ISBN: 978-2-918252-03-0

th_cdfAyreen Anastas
& Rene Gabri,
The Meaning of Everything

ISBN: 978-2-918252-00-9

pp_warningPhilippe Pirotte & Julia Strebelow,
“Dialogues” – a film by Owen Land

ISBN: 978-2-918252-09-2

SLOB01Oscar Tuazon,
Making Books

(The Social Life of the Book)

ISBN: 978-2-918252-32-0

SLOB03Louis Lüthi,
Infant A

(The Social Life of the Book)

ISBN: 978-2-918252-44-3

SLOB04Avigail Moss,
Kinesics of the Page

(The Social Life of the Book)

ISBN: 978-2-918252-22-1

SLOB05Jon Bywater, Louise Menzies, Marnie Slater, Die Toilette

(The Social Life of the Book)

ISBN: 978-2-918252-24-5

SLOB06Will Holder,
The Library of Helen Chadwick

(The Social Life of the Book)

ISBN: 978-2-918252-32-0

Fucking Good Art:

FGA-FronDeskFront Desk / Back Office,
The secret world of galleries in 39 pictures and two texts

ISBN: 978-94-6083-031-0

Alexandre Singh:

AlexandreSingh_MarqueAlexandre Singh,
The Marque of the
Third Stripe

* Signed Artist Edition

ISBN: 978-0982139509

Nedko Solakov:

k_Nedko_2Nedko Solakov,
2009, Sofia City Art Gallery

ISBN: 9789549244236

Koen Brams & Dirk Pültau:

k_bramsThe clandestine in the work of Jef Cornelis, 2009

Concept: Koen Brams &
Dirk Pültau.
Publisher: Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht
Co-publishers: Argos,
De Witte Raaf, Marcelum Boxtareos

ISBN: 978-90-72076-39-7

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Hyphen Press:

Hyphen_WiadNorman Potter,
What is a designer

ISBN: 978-0-907259-16-9
€ 20

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Hyphen_M_CNorman Potter,
Models & Constructs

ISBN: 978-0-907259-04-6
€ 25

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Hyphen_AFAnthony Froshaug:
Typography & texts / Documents of a life

ISBN: 978-0-907259-09-1

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Hyphen_GAStuart Bailey & Robin Kinross, God’s amateur

ISBN: 978-0-907259-38-1

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Hyphen_SIAE.C. Large,
Sugar in the air

ISBN: 978-0-907259-36-7


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Hyphen_AIAE.C. Large,
Asleep in the afternoon

ISBN: 978-0-907259-37-4

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Hyphen_KMKarel Martens,
Printed matter / Drukwerk

ISBN: 978-0-907259-41-1

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Adam Pendleton:

PendletonCoverAdam Pendleton,

ISBN: 978-19-05620-33-3

Ian Wilson:

IanWilsonTheDiscussionsIan Wilson,
The Discussions

ISBN: 978-90-70149-95-6

Dexter Sinister:

DS_PDFDexter Sinister,
Portable Document Format

ISBN 978-1-933128-85-6
€ 20

DDD19Dot Dot Dot 19,
The First/Last Newspaper


DDD18Dot Dot Dot 18,
Set in Edinburgh


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